Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't suffer with insanity. Enjoy it

Life is good, mainly because it's weird.

As one of New Eden's top ranked psychics, I have had the chance to meet many of the players and converse with them on many different levels. While the majority would not be aware of their interactions with me in the upper tiers of their consciousness, those that are more in tune with deep seeded nature of themselves instinctively know who and what I am behind the veil of Da Dom and tend to seek me out of their own accord.

Although I am quite happy to help them with things like the metaphysical understanding of their design potential, to more mundane things like my personal opinions concerning the CSM processes and other game related stuff, this is NOT why I joined the EVE online universe.

Even though I have spent many years refining my talents and being weighed down with many hardships to test and expand the limits of my abilities, I have not done this for the express purpose of helping others or becoming a beacon of light to the community. As a warrior, my efforts are focused purely on ensuring my own survival in the grand battlefield that is playing out in the drama of life.

To say that EVE Online is a separate part of this existence and means very little in the grand scheme of this drama and my training, would be a complete lie. The players of New Eden come in a variety of colours and each has their part to play in the story of my life. From the many people looking for advise and inspiration, to the raving mad lunatics seeking to utterly destroy me and assimilate my hard won abilities for themselves, there are forces at work within EVE (and indeed, the internet as a whole) that can not be separated from the fabric of this universe.

Of course, for the normal player with little understanding of the way this works, it's an unnecessary form of insanity that is generally disregarded so they may go about their daily lives...
"For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe"
To all the players I've met in EVE, friend and foe alike, thank you for helping me come to terms with the fact that mysticism is a major part of my life and cannot be completely discarded from my EVE online persona. Even though it is not the main reason I play, I shall remain available to all who are looking for friendly or competitive interaction on this level. To conclude, I will leave you with a nice little song to serve as both a bit of friendly advise, and a dire warning...

Till next we meet
Da Dom

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