Saturday, March 9, 2013

Holden 'em down


G'day peeps. 

First of all, this post was inspired by Blastradius1 who wrote an excellent post titled Ownership. In three sentences, he coaxed my imagination into going wild so I decided to post my thoughts for everybody's pleasure. Here is what got the ball rolling...
"Without fealty to the powers that control null sec, any corp trying to make a home there would be eradicated very quickly. CFC and HBC, like all the large entities before them, have proven that possession of space in null sec depends on two things; wealth and numbers. Ironically, wealth and numbers are both largely gained through possession of space in null sec and that wealth is growing at an exponential rate."
Personally, I don't believe he went far enough, and after thinking a lot about it while working today, I decided that it was imperative for me to expand on this topic a bit more and explain the reason I believe the Blue Doughnut exists.

TL;DR - CCP wants your cash, not your ISK

Null sec is where we can earn heaps and heaps of isk to fund our little spaceship business fetish, and from what I understand, we can pretty much earn enough ISK to pay for our monthly subscriptions and still have enough left to buy the toys we like. Very smart market traders in High sec can do the same. Unfortunately the majority of people and corporations in high would be unable to net this kind of cash without being in the upper tiers of the large high sec alliances.

This means that a majority of (high sec) players need to pay real money to buy subscriptions and plexes to compliment their wallets and be able to afford to have a bit of fun, without EVE turning into a full-time job. This, of course, is the most obvious cash cow CCP has.

What does this have to do with the Blue Doughnut? I'm sure all the leaders out in Null understand that if they all waged indiscriminate war on each other, A LOT of their profits would  flow down the battle sink and never been seen again. Being the intelligent, smart-arsed motherfrackers that they are, it would be safe to assume that they would see the benefit in plugging that drain with non aggression pacts and staged fights that are carefully designed avoid any excessive loss of profit. This would effectively allow them to play EVE Online without spending anything other than time, and denying CCP a large chunk of income.

This is most likely the reason CCP have recently been making lower tier ships more powerful. More fights, more isk down the battle sink and less profit for null means that Null seccers may actually be dragged back into CCP's real money system.

Of course I could be wrong about that statement above, so I'll add an alternative scenerio...

(Puts on tinfoil hat)

It seems to me that the alliance and coalition forces in Null have successfully grabbed CCP by the balls and "gamed the makers." CCP is unable to bring them to heel and get them paying real money to play without destroying the very fabric of EVE, and the Coalitions can't squeeze any harder without breaking CCP's bank and destroying the game they love themselves. A compromise between them could involve the coalitions keeping the High sec dwellers, which are vast majority of players from what I understand, poor.

I'll forget about hulkageddon and burn jita scenerio and focus on a recent example. James 315. High Sec ice mining is a very profitable business and can net a lot of iskies for the miners, who would buy their fun and subscriptions with it. That is of course if all their profits were not being sunk into new ships that are needed to replace those that are destroyed buy the New Order. 

I could be wrong about that to, so I'll leave it there for you to investigate and form your own opinion.

TOTD: What part of EVE is best described by the video above?

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  1. A subscription or a PLEX are both paid with in real money. The PLEX however can be traded multiple times until someone uses it. While this might look like they are playing for free - in reality someone else has already paid for their game time.

    You are right in one aspect - the Goons and their lackey James 315 are gaming CCP.

    1. Lets hope they keep focused on CCP and ignore everyone else until it's far to late

  2. Nice post mate.
    EveHermit is right, of course; every PLEX represents cash for CCP regardless of where it came from.
    You too, are right about the high sec thing being CCP's little cash cow.
    The majority of high seccers pay for their accounts with money, while it matters little if it's cash or PLEX, what will matter to CCP is that the large majority of their cash comes from high sec and no way will they allow anyone to interfere with that.
    Interesting times just ahead ...

    1. Interesting times now bro, and with the sandbox being what it is, we can make it as interesting as we like

  3. "Unfortunately the majority of people and corporations in high would be unable to net this kind of cash without being in the upper tiers of the large high sec alliances."

    To what "large high sec alliances" are you referring?

    You made that up, didn't you?