Monday, February 25, 2013

I give you this day your daily bread

From my job as a late night baker straight into my other job as a CEO of an internet spaceship business, I'm quite fortunate if I can find in my busy schedule at least 5hrs worth of sleep per day. Lack of sleep and having a lot on my mind means that I often find my thoughts merge together as I mindlessly bake away while thinking about ideas for my corporation, or sit docked up in a station spinning my ship while thinking about what I need to bake tonight. The ability of the EVE Online universe to keep you involved in the game even when your not logged on and doing something else is one of it's major hooks.

With mobile devices and community websites like twitter and facebook, not to mention eve related sites like evemon and evegate, it is very easy for players to collaborate with their corpmates outside of the game and be constantly updated with info about their eve game at any time. This is a lot of time and effort to spent on a game, and I would wager that a vast majority of players waking hours (and for some, even their dreams) are spent thinking about eve.

This is the same with me, and as I have been spending a lot of time deciding on the direction of my corporation, I have noticed that I've spent quite a bit of money, roughly AU$1000 on Subscriptions plexes and other things for eve. Not that this is a bad thing of course, as I am poised and ready sculpt Wii R into a work of art. This will take take more time and effort, and a lot of thinking so I am predicting a lot more work added onto an already busy schedule and lot less sleep. Oh well, as they say, pain is inevitable, suffering is not...

Thought of the day: Life didn't promise to be wonderful.

Fly like a maniac
Da Dom

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