Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not so mystical

Well the Retribution 1.1 patch has been installed onto EVE online severs and I got to log on about 8 hrs after it landed. I haven't gone through all the features yet but I have read the patch notes and, although I am new player, I can understand the bulk of them.

I was slightly disappointed by the lack of AAR BPO's in every system I visited, including jita, but I know that within a few days I'll be able to add them to my collection. The dueling system also looks really kewl as I had passed through Hek on my travels and witnessed several blobs around the main Core complex. There where quite a few fights and a lot of people were there just watching what was going on, but for some reason there was jet-cans everywhere (and I mean far more than is normal for Hek) and I didn't really understand why. Consequently there are a lot more wrecks in space nowadays.

One thing I will say that is negative about the patch is that the routes in space, although they look awesome, are pointless as I already knew that the background was not just a static image. This addition seems to promote a VR feel of the background setting and slightly killed my sense of immersion. Although the CCP dev team have had it in their backlog for a few years, I didn't really like it and thought they could've added something better (not that this patch needed anything else as it was stocked full of goodies)

Mool, my brutix is far from fitted properly yet (lack of support skills) so the BC changes have nothing to do with me as Mool is the first BC I have owned and I get to learn about BC combat with the changes already in place. 

Fly it like you're death incarnate
Da Dom


  1. Active armor reps are probably going to he exploration site bpc spawns as the ASB and reactive armor and target spectrum breaker are.

    1. Really? (heart breaks) Oh well, I guess I'll have to farm some. I wonder why the BPO's of stuff like this still appear in the market if there are none?

  2. The AAR BPC just like many the newer BP added to the game are all often seeded in Exploration sites as mentioned above. Ratting sites in Nullsec or could be from almost any rat you kill if they lucky enough to drop one. The BPC that drops in Nullsec will more often have a higher amount of production or could be full run or half the amount on it vs one found in say empire space which often have allot less in run output for production.