Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best left unsaid

I really don't know why I am posting anything again. I don't really have much to say. Not that it makes any difference though, as one thing I have learnt about bloggers is that they can turn nothing into anything. Blogging seems to be about giving your perspective to the larger community and saying "to hell with the consequences" so saying anything is usually good enough, as long as you make it interesting for your audience. Plus it gives me the chance to iron the kinks out of my writing style that at the moment is, and I'll quote Homer Simspon here. "It sounds good in my brain my mouth creates words that are not good as such... formally"

Anyway, I've been thinking alot about my corporation lately and I realized that Wii R is nothing more than a flag at the moment. With only 84M isk, no assets and a small monthly bill for office rental, the only real claim to fame it has is me, yours truly, multi billionaire industrialist *bows* I believe that for now it is best to keep it that way, and organize it more like a community hub for players.

I hope to set Wii R up as a small managerial/political forum for client corporations that will focus on, for the first few years, human resource management with it's main long term goal being the creation of interesting content for all of it's constituents. I plan on making Wii R a major node in a lager entity, but that is many steps ahead and it will take a lot of time to get to that point, so I'll slowly work up to that.

All that being said, Wii R hiring. All types of players are welcome. New recruits should expect that after API and security checks, there will be a 3 month probation period as we get to know you and find or created good content for you based on your play style. I need good managers who like to juggle the political meta-game as well. Wii R is a small "build from scratch" corporation that I will be investing heavily in, and all that I ask from members is that they show the same initiative in investing their time,effort and isk into growing this corporation into something that will benifit all it's members and have a lasting impact in EVE Online

Fly dangerously
Da Dom


  1. "Blogging seems to be about giving your perspective to the larger community and saying "to hell with the consequences" so saying anything is usually good enough, as long as you make it interesting for your audience".

    I never started blogging for fame as a gamer, but surely some that play in our sandbox and other places clearly do and thats all good. They are different kind of bloggers I would say. It don't take long to tell the different kind thats around. They all serve their own purpose in the community.

    You just choose to do it for a reason that works for you. I've done it for a while, I don't have to think about it much anymore trying to write. It was more a struggle in the beginning to find my stride, but in time it happened. I'm not the most opinionated, i'm ok with that. I still have thoughts and opinions, but I do it in my own time and choosing. Not to have high output in posts.

    But mine was just to have a companion with my blog and a place to write my thoughts as a went along daily in gaming. I never even knew I really had anything to say let alone anything interesting. I never thought it was interesting.

    In the early days I learned it was nice when someone stopped by to say hello, say a few words, maybe lend their own opinion or 2 cents on things, some conversation.

    In time you learn you had more thoughts and opinions on things and maybe you write about them, everyones different on that. It may not always be interesting in all you say or do. But you lend some perspective from a different point of view or just something you may say in just a few words.

    Even one quote can spur a thought in someone else that may send them off on a tangent to write something else. The stuff that happens when you blog you just never know where it will lead.

    The best blog posts ever and those never written. I know i've got plenty i've never got around to writing but they were all my opinions on something that stirred my thoughts on things.

    Its harder in the beginning to write, but everyone needs encouragement.

    I guess, i'm just giving you some encouragement.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement dude, It helps a lot.

      RL sees me living atop a mountain, so I'm not really the most socially savvy person in the world and the RP aspect of Eve helps me express things I really can't put words to in RL.