Sunday, February 24, 2013

"For a safe and secure society"

Null sec is not broken, the people of null sec are broken

Do you know how hard it is for a small corporation or a single player that is not part of the iron doughnut to explore the business potential of null sec? The policy of "Not blue, shoot it" is akin to an oppressive police state fitted with non-lethal weapons running on a "Shoot first, ask questions later" policy. This is not good for business and I think it's because all the major null sec alliances are way too comfortable in their positions and, frankly, if sites like eve news 24 are trying stir up some action, then you all need a massive shake up. And I mean more than a story that was created to satisfy eve new 24's lust for battle and drama, like the recent one that was feed to them of "The titan that accidentally clicked 'Jump" instead of "Bridge" and started an mass battle that was "supposed" to be started by his friends"

I try and explore planets and look for wormholes and other things in null sec when I can and I find that the low sec entrances are normally guarded by scouts and it usually turns into a mad chase through null if I'm lucky enough to escape all the bubbles in the first system. (I hate bubbles)

In all honesty, the risk for an independent organization to start a business in  null is far too high for the reward that is offered, which is getting stomped on by all the hotshots. Null already has a system that it is happy with. The alliances and coalitions are happy with their profit and power. Emergent content is being "manufactured" to keep people happy. And if those calling for high sec to be rebalanced really want that to happen, then we also need to look at the prison walls of null sec that are funneling all these new players into the much more profitable and less populated wormhole economy...

The politics of null sec remind me of the star wars story, and I think it's about time that the power of the blue doughnut's isk machine is disbanded...

Use the force
Da dom

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