Monday, February 18, 2013

Doing ma time

Well, at the time of writing this, I finished work about 3 hrs ago and I have been reading plus listening to some of the interviews for CSM8 candidates which aren't as bad as I first thought they would be. Most of the candidates seem pretty clear cut about their objectives and what they hope to achieve in their term should they be elected, but for me, I'm just happy I can put a voice to the characters that (reading between the lines here) are running around screaming "Pick me, PICK ME!!!"

I've also been following the story of what has happened in the Eve-University in the past week, mainly because when I had an alt in the E-Uni I had read quite a few of Kelduum's post and he always struck me as an honest and intelligent person. Shall I be commenting on this debacle? Hell no. What needed to be said, has been said and I enjoyed watching Kelduum try and hide his tears behind his intelligence, it was a true masterpiece.

Other than observing the EVE community, I haven't really been doing much in-game other than keeping my market orders current and adjusting the skill training of my characters. My basic goal with my skill set (because I'm only 4 moths old) is to train all certificates first to basic, then to standard and perhaps specialize a bit after that. The CORE certificates have really helped my survivability and I am a day or two off finishing all of my basic harvesting certificates, which will see me with perfect refine and all the specialized ore processing skills trained to lvl 4 which is pretty good considering my age. I really need to start focusing on combat skills after this though, as at this point time I can't do much significant DPS to swing any battle in my favor.

*Yawns* Well, doing 75 hr weeks for 3 weeks straight has taken a lot out of me so I'll end this post here and finish up by saying "Sweet Dreams peeps" (wicked, evil smile)
Da Dom


  1. The Certificate are more like guides to help guide you along the path with the skills for that area.

    1. I see nothing wrong with training them all to elite status.